Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
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The late Paul Newman wrote this after being presented with his own Waghorn original:

"It makes for a pleasant day. On certain occasions I shall attach it to my head with a fishing pole and dangle it before my eyes so I can watch my every move."


A distinguished list of political leaders, business people, entertainers, sports stars and celebreties have purchased Kerry Waghorn originals and others have commissioned the artist to create caricatures of specific subjects. Below is a partial list of some of those commisions

Bryan Adams, musician, singer, songwriter
Tim Allen, actor
Herb Alpert. musician, music executive
Paul Anka, musician, singer, songwriter
Margaret Atwood, author
Farley Mowat, author & environmentalist
Ernesto Balladares
, former President of Panama
Antonio Banderas, actor
David Bowie, musician, singer, songwriter
Senator Bill Bradley
Edgar Bronfman Jr., Chair & CEO, Seagrams
Willie Brown, former Mayor, San Francisco
James Caan, actor
James Cameron, film director
Chevy Chase, actor
President Bill Clinton
Michael Crichton, author
Robert Daly, former CEO, Warner Brothers
Michael Douglas, actor
David Duchovny, actor
Michael Eisner, businessman, former CEO Disney
Congressman Dante B. Fascell
Malcolm Forbes, businessman
John Kenneth Galbraith, economist
Theodore Geisel, author/creator of Dr. Seuss Books
Amin Gemayel, former President of Lebanon
Melanie Griffith, actor
Renny Harlin, film director
Senator Jessie Helms
Bruce Hornsby, singer/songwriter
William Hurt, actor
Michael Jackson, rock music performer
Billy Joel, musician, singer, songwriter
Senator John Sununu, former Governor, White House Chief of Staff
Tom Jones, singer
Harvey Keitel , actor
Dr. David Kessler, former head,  U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Tommy Lasorda, baseball manager
Senator Frank Lautenberg
George Lucas, motion picture producer
Brian Mulroney, former Prime Minister of Canada
Paul Newman, actor
Michael Ovitz, motion picture executive
Congressman Claude Pepper
John Phelan, former Chairman,  N.Y. Stock Exchange
Sydney Pollack, film producer, director, actor
Iggy Pop, singer/songwriter
Maxwell Rabb, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy
Congressman Charles Rangell
Patricia Richardson, actor
Tom Selleck, actor
Terry Semel, former Chair, CEO, C.E.O. of Warner Bros.
Howard Stern, broadcaster
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paul Tagliabue, former Commissioner, NFL
Governor James Thompson
Governor Jim Guy Tucker
Ted Turner, businessman, media magnate
Gus Van Sant, film director
Robin Williams, actor
Bruce Willis, actor


Donald Trump

Farley Mowat Canadian author and environmentalist

Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
© Kerry Waghorn. All rights reserved.