Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
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Thanks for sending on the Waghorn. It makes for a pleasant day. On certain occasions I shall attach it to my head with a fishing pole and dangle it before my eyes so I can watch my every move.
- Paul Newman

I am honored to have an artist of Mr. Waghorn's stature to depict me in his artwork.
- Magic Johnson

I am flattered by being included in Mr. Waghorn's collection.
- Donald Trump

Enclosed is my check to cover the caricature which I recently purchased. With best wishes.
- Michael D. Eisner

I appreciate very much his flattering rendition of me and have enjoyed his wide range of caricatures over the years.
- General Colin L. Powell

Enclosed please find a check for the purchase of the 'Business Superstar Malcolm Forbes' by the caricaturist, Kerry Waghorn. Mr. Forbes enjoys it very much, and we are in the process of having it framed.
- Evie T. Joselow, Assistant to the Curator, Forbes Museum

I am honoured to have been included in his works of famous personalities. Kerry Waghorn is indeed a gifted artist and I am confident that we will enjoy his illustrations in the various publications for many years to come.
- Governor Walter J. Hickel

David Bowie asked Cohl (Michael Cohl, President of Concert Productions International) if he could get the signed Waghorn original to hang over the fireplace of his home in Zurich, Switzerland.
- The Vancouver Sun per David Bowie

I am honoured that he would include me in his work.
- Gene Autry

Thc Prime Minister has asked me to thank you very much.
- Miss Sarulra Phillips, Private Secretary to Rt. Hon. John Major

We appreciate the opportunity to acquire this original and we wilI be pleased to do so. Those who have seen it say that it captures something about me. We are delighted to purchase it.
- Paul Tagliabue

Jack Lemmon thanks you very much for the caricature.
- Connie McCauley, V.P., Jalem Productions, Inc.

The Princess of Wales has asked me to thank you.
- Maureen A. Stevens, St. James Palace. London

Would you please give my thanks and regards to Kerry Waghorn for a portrait well done. It is a pleasure to have.
- Stacy Keach

The caricatures by Kerry Waghorn are wonderful. The fact that they have been purchased by some of the largest newspapers in the nation is impressive.
- Governor Pete Wilson

Thank you for the opportunity to have my caricature drawn by such an accomplished artist.
- Governor George S. Mickelson


Donald Trump

Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
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