Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
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I appreciate very much his flattering rendition of me and have enjoyed his wide range of caricatures over the years.

General Colin L. Powell

Universal Press Syndicate

Kerry Waghorn is proud to be represented  by Universal Press Syndicate and, more specifically, UPS agent Sue Roush.  This is the contact for all newspaper and magazine relationships and many other types of business arrangements.

Universal Press Syndicate
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About UPS/Andrews McMeel Universal

UPS is the largest independent newspaper syndicate in the world, distributing some of the most popular comics and features in newspapers today and providing entertaining content to Web sites, including Garfield, Cathy, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Ziggy, The Boondocks (online only), Dear Abby and The Mini Page. Its features list includes famed columnists James J. Kilpatrick and Ann Coulter, as well as Pulitzer Prize winners Tony Auth, Roger Ebert, Pat Oliphant, Anna Quindlen, Ben Sargent, David Shribman, Tom Toles and Garry Trudeau.

It is no exaggeration to say that Universal represents most of the most prominent names in journalistic features. A recent loss to this impressive family was William F. Buckley Jr.

Andrews McMeel Universal is the parent company of UPS, Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) and uclick, a digital content provider. Digital content can be found at

AMP, a division of Andrews McMeel Universal, is a leading publisher of general nonfiction trade, gift, and humor books, publishing as many as 300 new titles annually. AMP is also the premier calendar publisher in the country, annually featuring all-time best-selling properties including: Anne Geddes, The Far Side®, Dilbert™, Mary Engelbreit, Disney and Garfield. For more about AMP, please visit

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About UPS’s International Division

In January 2004, Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU) through its newspaper syndication company, Universal Press Syndicate (UPS), acquired Atlantic Syndication from Evening Post Publishing Company of Charleston, S.C. Atlantic Syndication, an international syndication company formerly known as Editors Press Service, will operate as a wholly-owned agency of UPS with an Asia-Pacific office in Sydney, Australia. Since 1971, Atlantic Syndication has worked as the primary representative for UPS outside the U. S. and Canada.

"Atlantic Syndication has both the structure and personnel to help us grow rapidly in the increasingly important international market," says Lee Salem, editor and president of UPS, based in Kansas City, Mo. "Worldwide interest in the American culture has never been greater. Atlantic's distribution and international marketing know-how will position UPS' artists, writers and news services to chronicle that culture on a daily basis to the world's media."

"The new ownership will only improve the relationships we have now with international clients. We will continue to offer the world’s best comics, features and columns," says Atlantic Syndication President and UPS Vice President Kerry Slagle. He oversees the operations, sales, marketing and acquisitions for the company and continue to manage the sales staff for Latin America, and in Asia and the Pacific along with the network of independent sales agents around the world.

Founded in 1933 as Editors Press Service, Atlantic Syndication was the first syndication company to market and sell American newspaper syndicate material outside the United States. The company began selling and distributing syndicated features into Latin America and at the end of World War II set up a network of independent agents throughout the world to sell American newspaper content.
Domestic and international features are posted at

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Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Caricatures by Kerry Waghorn
© Kerry Waghorn. All rights reserved.